Discount Registration for Autumn Training

Interested in Productivity Training?

You’ve come to the right place. Penny Duckworth is a Productivity Coach who specialises in training creative and marketing professionals to develop in their time management and efficiency. The service is tailored to the busy professional who can’t find time for training: a personal, 1 hour consultancy before the working day begins.

Why Train with Penny Duckworth?

I started my interest in productivity coaching through hours of working side by side with colleagues, all with one thing in common: They think they are terrible at time management. My experience has grown into a tried and tested simple training method with clients ranging from creative directors to account executives; creative writers to senior designers.

There are so many time management and productivity services available out there, most of which require you to attend a 1 day course or dredge through generic tips in a large textbook or biography and leave you feeling that the advice is either too difficult to stick to or irrelevant. The service I offer is one-to-one; no goals are set until I have understood a some of your personality and existing methods of working. I do not promise a ‘one-size-fits-all’ system but will offer very specific advice based on my experience gleaned from working and training many different types of people as well as hours of research in the field of productivity management and efficient working practices.

How Does it work?

The service I offer is a 1 hour consultation to initially assess and set out tailored goals, followed by a 1 hour review a month later. Ideally these meetings would take place before work or during the first hour so that busyness and tiredness don’t get in the way.

I’d like to think this is a unique offering – mostly down to the time it takes and the personal approach. It may not seem like a long time but in 1 hour I can map out several productivity goals and tips in one clearly actionable plan that could have taken you hours of internet research and reading. Not to mention that this is only ever based on who you already are not who your manager wants you to be, something which is hard to perceive on your own or during internal development reviews.

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at what some of my recent clients have been saying about my service here

How do I book and claim my discount?

I’m offering a great opportunity to save £50 on your course of 2 sessions by signing up early for sessions in September and October, normal price £250. Simply fill in the enquiry form below and I’ll get in contact with you directly