Client Testimonials

“I’m a fairly organised person but always looking to improve. I came across Penny at the Railway during a local networking event, she was warm and professional so I booked myself a time management & productivity consultation. It’s the best thing I did this year for me! Penny spent time listening to the way I work and then in a non patronising way showed me many strategies to be more effective with both my new workload and family life. Not only have I seen the benefits since are 1st meeting (3 weeks ago) but I feel more confident in what I do and how I do it. I recommend her to those of you wondering where their days go, to those like me maybe starting a business and need to be more productive.”

Madia Rashid, Founder Physio4Me.

“Your questions opened up the things I do naturally and the things I enjoy about work. They also helped me see the things I don’t enjoy about work and most importantly, why they are less enjoyable for me.”

Ed Mayhew, Writer & comedian, SALT comedy troupe.

“Penny is brilliant. She was so friendly, incisive and provided me with some great advice that has helped me streamline my processes and work more efficiently.”

Kee Ramsorrun, Head of Communications, CCL.

“Having experienced her Time Penny package I was sincerely impressed. Within 30 minutes of the beginning of session 1, Penny had accurately summarised my personality, the issues that I was having with time management and was able to succinctly guide me towards 3 ideas and tools for me to test and think through over the next month.

Her process helped me to combat my procrastination and gave me a longer term solution to work towards in terms of feeling time pressured and often overwhelmed with the ‘to-do’ list.

She reinforced some of those time-old methods that I already know but set them in a context of where I want to be. Her calm, enthusiastic, friendly and ‘safe-hands’ manner made the whole process an enjoyable oasis like experience.

A month down the line, I have cut down on wasted procrastination time. I can more quickly identify when I am avoiding unpleasant tasks. I feel more focused and better motivated to keep working towards my future goals.

She understands the mind of an SME business person and with her background in the creative industry would be well-suited to work with a broad range of companies and individuals.

Time and money well spent!”

Antoinette Daniel, Founder Just Helpers.

“My first session with Penny was very informative and productive. She provided good tips and suggestions to better my productivity and relationship with my boss. I came out the first session feeling inspired to implement everything I was taught.”

Samantha Fitzgerald, EA.

“The time management sessions were very useful. They gave me a structure and method of thinking that I didn’t previously have which really helped me plan my day better and accomplish more…It was interesting to get insights into the way I think and process information, and structure my thinking that I hadn’t previously appreciated.”

Ben Barret, IT Coordinator.

“Just having the time to externally process, with someone outside of the organisation has been incredibly helpful…Having someone empathise with me about the size of my work load was very comforting.”

Tim Frisby.

“Penny understood the way that I work, recognised the strengths and weaknesses of it and offered tailored suggestions that can help. They helped with completing a task that I had not been looking forward to but needed to do!”

Joanne Wells.

“Penny took the time to get to know me and my work situation, which made her input feel tailored to me, rather than just generic advice.”

Andy Tuck.